Nadzeya Ilkevich

producer, educator, cultural activist
Current film projects
Short documentary film “Our land - Nikikéyah” reveals the current situation of Navajo Nation people who live in Black Mesa Resistance Camp (Arizona) and refused to relocate because of the The 1974 Navajo-Hopi Settlement Act.
The Road to Slavalachia is a documentary about the international collaboration of folk musicians from the Appalachian region of USA, Belarus, and Western Ukraine who became a global family despite all challenges: pandemic, revolution and war.
Current cultural and education projects
CreateCulture Group
Non-profit organization aimed to support and develop cultural sector of Belarus.
Cultural Bridge
Art-residence for Belarusian cultural managers who resides in Vilnius, Tbilisi, Warsaw and want to produce a solidarity project with Ukraine.
Slavalachia is an alliance of folk musicians and creators from Belarus, Ukraine, and the Appalachian region of the United States.
Good Masters Workshop
Online workshop-course for emerging cultural managers who are currently in Belarus and want to implement a project despite restrictive environment.
  • Consulting & Facilitation
    Prague Civil Society Centre, consultant and program officer, 2020-2022
    USAID, Pact Inc, consultant on learning design and education, 2019-2021
    Placemaking Week in Chattanooga, TN, 2019, Speaker
    Placemaking Week in Athens, Ohio, 2018 - Speaker, Facilitator
    Leadership in Local Communities Program, Belarus, 2016-2017 - Mentor, Lecturer
    Mapping the Future of the Place.The Park of My Dream, Workshop, Minsk, Belarus, 2017 - Tutor, Expert
    Methods of Community Organizing Workshop, Minsk, Belarus, 2016 - Expert, Facilitator
    The Right to the City Discussion, Minsk, Belarus, 2017 - Host, Moderator
    Community Engagement Strategic Plan for Loshitsa Estate and Park Complex in Minsk, Belarus, 2015 - Initiator, Coordinator, Expert
    The Centre of Mythological Tourism and The Museum of Belarusian Myths at Berezinsky National Park in Belarus, 2016 - Concept developer
  • Conferences
    • OSF Scholarship Program North America Regional Conference, Community Building and the Power of Narratives, 2019, Atlanta, GA - Panelist, Eurasia Regional Session Presenter
    • United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals Conference, 2018, Ohio University - Panelist
    • OSF Scholarship Program North America Regional Conference, Conflict Resolution and Mediation, 2018, Washington DC - Participant
    Urban Development Conference "Do Your Summit", 2016, Moscow - Speaker
    Round Table "Participatory projects experience: from local initiatives to NGO establishment", 2015, Kyiv (Ukraine) – Presenter
  • Awards, jury, mentions
    - ADAMI Media Prize Pitching Winner as a producer, 2021
    - Civil Society Leadership Awards winner, OSF, 2017
    - TOP-100 change-makers that improved life in Minsk
    - Future Search for Civil Society Development Session, organized by Pact, 2015 - Participant
    - Delegation Member of Belarus Brief Visit (Congress, USAID HQ, Pact HQ), Washington DC, 2015
    - Cultural Diplomacy, Training Program for Cultural Managers, Poland, Ukraine, 2014
    - Urban Journalism Awards, Belarus, 2017 - Jury Member
    - City Improvement Projects Competition, Belarus, 2015 - Jury Member
Past projects highlights
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